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Online dice is one of the most popular online betting games at Nhà cái Hi88 today. With a simple way to play, diverse betting doors, the Game has been bringing a lot of interesting experiences to members. Those of you who do not know or are learning about the game, please follow the following article to get more useful information.

What is Online dice game?

This game originally originated in ancient China, then introduced to Vietnam and is popular in many countries around the world. In casinos, Dice is also known as Sicbo.

With the development of technology, the Game has been “Online” and is present in many online playgrounds, which is the favorite choice of many Bet players. Accordingly, you only need to create an account at the bookie to be able to bet on your phone or computer anytime, anywhere.

What is Online dice game?

With Dice, winners and losers will be determined based on the total score of the dice. There are many bets offered for players to choose from. Those who love thinking and judgment games will especially like this game.

Rules of playing online dice at Hi88

When participating in the Game, the most important thing that you need to remember is that you know the rules of the game to enter confidently and easily win. In this game, there are quite a few rules that Bet players need to remember as follows:

  • First, players will have 20 seconds to consider the selection of bets and bet levels for themselves.
  • Then the dealer’s dealer will shake and announce the result.
  • The player who correctly predicts the outcome after opening the jar will receive a bonus corresponding to the amount and bet he has chosen.
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Rules of playing online dice at Hi88

Online Dice bets to remember

Previously, players would only have 2 doors to choose from: Over – Under. But now, Game publishers have created many other doors to increase the experience and create opportunities for members to receive rich rewards. Here are a few common types of bets that you will often encounter:

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Online Dice Bet Over/Under

This is the most basic type of bet or is chosen by Bet players. The chance to win for each door will be 50:50, so it’s easy to join, minimizing the risk of losing money. Accordingly, the result will be calculated as follows:

  • The total score of 3 dice is in the range of 4 – 10 points => Under.
  • The total score of 3 dice is in the range of 11 – 17 points => Tai.

If the player correctly predicts the outcome after opening the jar, the reward ratio will be 1:1. That is, how much bet will win exactly that money. If the total of 3 dice is the same, the bet will belong to the house regardless of whether you bet on Over or Under.

Online Dice Bets in Doubles

With this type of bet, we will only consider the outcome of 2 out of 3 dice. A lot of people like this door bet because of the super high payout ratio. Accordingly, an even pair bet is a bet that 2 dice will produce the same result. But if 3 dice come to the same number, you still lose all your money.

Screenshot 3

Online Dice bets to remember

Identical Triple Bet

Similar to the Double Dice bet above. With the same set of 3, you will have a chance to receive 30 times more rewards if you win if the result is 3 tablets with the same number.

Pairs Dice Bets

This means that the Player Bet will make a prediction on the outcome of 2 certain dice. If correct, the bonus received will be about 6 times higher than the original bet.

Bet on the exact number

This is considered the most difficult type of Online Dice bet, players need to correctly guess a fixed number. The bonus received will increase according to the number of occurrences of the number you choose. If the dice roll 1, the reward will be 1:1, if it is 2, it will be 1:2, and 3 will be 1:3.

Effective online dice strategy

Although we know that this is a game of chance, winning and losing due to “eating and living”, we still have many different ways to improve the probability of winning by:

  • Long-distance betting: That is, tearing up the bet capital to play many games and giving priority to placing bets on doors with a 50:50 ratio like Big and Under. Because of that, your probability of winning will be higher, minimizing the risk of losing everything after only a few games.
  • Check before playing: Based on the results of previous bets, find out the rules of their appearance to see if the doors are coming out according to the floor, according to 1 – 1 or any rule to consider down the money for the standard.

That’s some general information about Online Dice, one of the most popular games at Hi88 today. Those of you who want to find your luck in this Game, please create a member account to join the game. Don’t forget to know the rules of the game and apply some of the tips revealed above to make a betwin broadcast.

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