Blackjack BK8 – Classic Betting Game, Great Entertainment

Blackjack BK8 is always known as a classic betting game, available at all online casino forums. Simple rules of the game, the chance to win, and huge bonuses, Blackjack is the first choice for red and black enthusiasts. Information about the rules of the game, how to calculate points and share the experience of playing Blackjack to always win from masters will be available in the following article of Nhà cái bk8

1.General introduction to the game Blackjack BK8

To put it simply, Blackjack is a betting game that determines victory or loss by comparing the scores of the player and the house. This card game is also known as the 21 point game. The game is used with the standard of a deck of 52 cards.

Join Blackjack BK8, the player and the Dealer side (representing the dealer), each side will be dealt 2 cards equally. Players are allowed to draw a third card if they meet certain score requirements. If the side has more total points and is closer to 21 points will be determined to win.

2.Learn about some rules in Blackjack BK8

Here, we will take a look at certain rules that need to be followed when sitting down at the Blackjack BK8 table that beginners should know:

2.1 How to calculate points in Blackjack

About how to score cards in Blackjack is as follows: Ace is counted as 1 point or 11 points, depending on different circumstances to be most beneficial to your deck. The cards numbered from 2 to 10 will be scored according to that number. With the cards J – Q – K will be counted as 10 points respectively.

2.2 Rules for drawing more cards in Blackjack BK8

After being dealt the first 2 cards, the player is allowed to draw 1 more card at will, as long as the total of the previous 2 cards does not exceed 21 points. When the player has finished drawing, it is the dealer’s turn. The dealer is only allowed to draw a third card when the total of 2 cards in hand is 16 or less. Thus, if the dealer has 17 or more points, he will not be allowed to draw a third card, considering the rules of Blackjack BK8.

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2.3 Payout rate at the house BK8

What is the payout ratio of Blackjack at the house BK8? The normal odds of this game are 1:1. In case of winning Blackjack BK8 will be calculated 1:1.5; And if you win the insurance bet, the ratio will be calculated at 1:2.

For example: In case a player bets $ 10, after dealing Blackjack, BK8 will pay $ 15 (this amount has not added $ 10 of the initial capital).

3.Details of Blackjack Instruction

After knowing the rules of Blackjack BK8, it’s time for us to come to the online casino. Details of the steps in how to play Blackjack? We will find out together right here:

3.1 Player bets

Players will bet the amount that is suitable for their own finances, placing chips in the bet box displayed on the game interface screen. In case, the player who chooses Blackjack BK8 allows to play many hands, he can bet from box 1 to box 5.

Players are allowed to make some of the following choices when betting on Blackjack:

Draw: allowed to draw 1 more card to shorten the distance to score 21. In case the 3rd card makes your total score exceed 21, it will be counted as a loser, regardless of how many points the dealer has. .

Stop: in Blackjack BK8, the player chooses not to draw a 3rd card, hoping that a 2 card score can be enough to win the house.

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Double: double your bet and draw a 3rd card.

Split: In case two identical cards are dealt, they can be split into 2 separate hands, the bet amount of each hand is equal to the original bet. On the dealer side, each hand that has dealt the 2nd card will be dealt additionally, then bet on each hand as usual. In Blackjack BK8, after splitting, A+ if the total is 10 will not be counted as Blackjack, Blackjack is only counted when the total is 21. At the same time, after splitting the hand will not be able to draw a 3rd card.

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3.2 The dealer deals cards

At the end of the betting process, the dealer and the player will be dealt 2 cards to each side in turn. The player’s card will be turned face up, while the dealer can only turn 1 card. After dealing the cards, the player will decide whether to draw a third card or not.


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