How to Play Dragon Tiger – Big Winning Tips Undisclosed

How to play dragon tiger has always received the attention of many beginners. This is a game that always has a large number of transactions at the house. There are even many people who want to own tips from the masters to win huge bonuses. Please follow the article below of nhà cái 789bets for the most detailed and complete disclosure.

1. How to play standard dragon tiger?

How to play dragon tiger is shared by many websites, but how is the best way to play, not everyone knows. Of course, when you go to the bookies, you will all be guided on how to play, but if you do not understand the essence, it will be very difficult to win.

Dragon Tiger is a game originating from Cambodia, later it began to be introduced to Asian countries. In which is Vietnam, this game uses 52 cards. It is analyzed by experts similar to playing card games Sicbo, Baccarat, Roulette.

This game is one of the subjects with a large number of transactions at the bookies. Because of the simple way to play, it is easy for you to join. Just observe and proceed to bet 1 out of 3 bets. In which, there are Dragon – Tiger gates and Hoa gates. Next, wait for the dealer’s dealer to deal the cards. However, the difference when playing dragon tiger online will not have the appearance of the Joker card.

In fact, dragon tiger will not stipulate the number of players. Therefore, if you see the betting tables with the number of tens or hundreds of people, there is no need to be surprised. How to play Dragon Tiger is envisioned as follows:

Dealer will start dealing cards on each Dragon Ha Ho turret. Next, the bettors proceed to draw cards, each round will draw 2 cards.

Players will proceed to place their bets on the bet of their choice. When the allotted time has elapsed, the dealer will open the cards and announce which door wins. At this time, you will also know if you have received the bonus or not.

Basically, dragon tiger has a simple way to play, so any brother is very easy to get used to after only a few manipulations. Perhaps that is why the bettors are very fond of and looking for tips to play this card game.

2.How to play dragon tiger to win big has not been revealed yet

With the above content, you must have imagined how to play dragon tiger. However, to be able to win great rewards is not easy. Each table of dragon tiger always has a lot of players, so if the bettor does not have the calculation and logical thinking, it will be very difficult to win:

2.1 The Dragon Gate is a safe passage for bettors

Dragon Tiger will have 3 bets for each game. You should choose the dragon door for yourself. This is the door with a higher win rate than the other doors. Although the payout ratio is low, it is very safe for bettors. This is a wise way to play dragon tiger that many bettors share and apply successfully.

2.2 The tie is not a good candidate

Many players have the psychology of placing a tie because they think that the win rate is 50%. However, according to the players, this is a risky bet and not a good candidate if you play dragon tiger. According to many studies as well as sharing from experts, 20 new bets appear once on the Draw door. Therefore, please change your mind and limit your bets here.

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2.3 Playing dragon tiger with wire bet is easy to win

When playing string bets in dragon and tiger, you need to be able to observe and analyze the results of previous bets. If you bet on a string, there is a string of dragons or tigers, the probability of winning will be very high. This way of playing dragon tiger has been applied and brought success to many bettors.

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2.4 Mentally stable and very calm

Many players have the mentality of lethargy or anxiety when bets lose continuously. However, according to the advice from the bettors, you should keep your mind stable and calm. Place bets when there is calculation and application of methods. Even if you lose, don’t panic trying to punch sticky rice to remove holes, that’s not a smart way to play. On the contrary, it also makes you empty-handed without 1 cent left.

With the sharing on how to play dragon tiger, bettors should practice and refer to the sharing from experts to increase the winning rate. Right from the start, no one will be good at it right away, just studying and learning will definitely be easy to win.

Above is the information on how to play dragon tiger for bettors. Hopefully these knowledge from 789bet will help you have more confidence when sitting at the betting table. Please continue to follow and update new articles so as not to miss interesting news.

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