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Are there bad builders and unreliable companies? You will of course guess that they are dating. Perhaps you already know: most of them. Someone will reproach you and me forthat we are too demanding and raise the bar of our positive assessment too high? Please, let it be reprimanded. Yes, we (and you?) have high demands, although we are very far from the attachments inherent in consumerist extremism. But we (and you?) don’t understand why you need to do your job badly.

And you think a license protects you from bad builders? Do you think that you will not get such? Unfortunately, licensing authorities (not only in our country, but throughout the world) are unable to control the daily activities of companies. And the very requirements that must be met to obtain a license cannot be called too strict.

Walking on torture or exciting investigation?

What makes a construction organization reliable and desirable for the client? First of all, the qualification of its personnel, and the general director, is no less important than that of an executive or a plasterer. Next – financial stability, own material base (warehouse, transport, construction equipment) and an established quality control system. And, of course, positive feedback from former customers.

But where can you and I get such information? Shall we take the company employee’s word for it? With great care. Often what is heard turns out to be false or true, but multiplied by a hundred. Let’s try to recognize the real state of affairs by the manager’s speech style, shall we ask him unobtrusive at first glance, but at the same time insidious and provocative questions? Shall we come together with someone and play the classic “evil investigator – good investigator” scheme? Undoubtedly, a lot can be understood from a person’s reaction, except that one should not get too excited about such an interrogation. Let’s evaluate everything by some indirect signs – by the setting and atmosphere in the office, the style of clothing of the employees, excerpts of their conversations among themselves? Yes, sometimes it works. But still, we cannot fully fulfill the duties of a clairvoyant. Therefore, it makes sense to also turn to experience,

The program “Reliable organizations of the construction complex” was opened in 1997 as an attempt to respond to dishonesty in the construction business (the reference system can be found at The independent expert information service that supports this program provides everyone with information about reliable construction companies and design workshops. However, only about those of them who express their desire. The construction organization submits an application and undergoes a comprehensive inspection. Financial, economic and production activities, quality of performed works, qualifications of managers and specialists are subject to analysis. Based on the results of the examination, the company is issued an Audit Certificate with a limited validity period. it is assumed that the Audit Certificate should be a kind of obligation of the firm to the clients.

It is believed that after receiving the Certificate, the siding contractor should inform customers only reliable information about its services, prices and quality and not use incorrect methods of substantiating the cost of works. Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee. But by contacting the list of reliable construction companies, you still increase the probability of a successful choice. At least, only those companies that care about their reputation are included in the register. And it’s not so bad. By contacting the list of reliable construction companies, you increase the probability of a successful choice. At least, only those companies that care about their reputation are included in the register. And it’s not so bad. By contacting the list of reliable construction companies, you increase the probability of a successful choice. At least, the register includes only those companies who care about their reputation. And it’s not so bad anymore.

Then, again and again, see what kind of people work in the company. Feel free to ask them as many questions as possible. The more you ask, and the more they answer, the more likely it is that some interesting factor will be revealed during the conversation, which will fundamentally affect your decision (not necessarily negatively). However, be friendly, moderately open and in no case show your suspicion (if it is characteristic of you). By the way, very interesting things can appear already at this stage. It is not at all necessary to deal with them after the roof has already been erected. You can see a lot already during the first (second, third) conversation – long before the moment when you contact the construction company with the contract.

The boss link is bad in itself. And if it’s someone else’s, it’s even worse.

If a company employee, in response to your doubts, concerns, surprise and questions, insists on such expressions as “Don’t worry, our company has been working for a long time and has never received any claims” or “We have already built one hundred and twenty-eight houses, but no one has yet built we have such questions “whether” But why are you so worried about this? – Take a closer look at samples of our work! ” or “Well, if we’ve already satisfied even the oligarch Ivan Ivanovich, what doubts can you have?”, if your interlocutor says something like that, it means things are bad. And no registry of reliable construction organizations can prove otherwise. Yes, suppose no one asked this company such questions, and even Ivan Ivanovich was eventually satisfied – but it is not known at what price for Ivan Ivanovich – and it is not only about money, but also about time, about Ivan Ivanovych’s mental comfort during work. Well, what can be said about all this?

On the contrary, a qualified employee of a professional company answers all your questions to the point. He does not leave them, referring to the good reputation of his firm or the high evaluation received from Ivan Ivanovich. He understands that you are not Ivan Ivanovich, and you absolutely do not care how many houses were built before you, and their construction was accompanied by claims from other customers. If you ask him about quality, terms and claims, he will tell you how you can regulate these issues. Because he is confident in his abilities, confident in his company. By the way, specific guarantees for the customer are part of the marketing policy of a good company, regardless of the industry in which it operates. Due to this, it actually attracts customers. If you got into a good company, you will immediately feel.

Give way to angry builders

During the conversation, there should not be any significant difficulties in mutual understanding. If an employee of the company cannot or does not know how to approach you, it means that you are not on the right track. Even if he was right and you are somehow wrong. However, if you were friendly but demanding and did not get answers to your questions, then the company employee is out of place. And the company is also out of place. Can a bad manager work in a good company? Barely. That is, of course, he can, but not for long, since he will be quickly released. Conversely, good managers are also almost never found in bad companies. They have nothing to do there. They survive or they themselves are released from boredom.

Is there no respect for mandates? In vain, in vain.

You have already chosen one or more companies and started visiting them. We are happy to take your order, but this does not mean that the company really builds houses. It can be quite a construction company, but it can and should not build at home, but, for example, warehouses, hangars, gas stations or garages. Therefore, do not forget to carefully read the license for what kind of activity and by whom it was issued, when it expires. Information about the company itself will not hurt. Find out under what name and how many years it exists. If, for example, the company has already worked for eight to ten years, then there is little chance that it will deceive you (at least on a large scale). However, do not be too tempted by her considerable age. After all, you can work all your life, but never learn to work well.

It is also important not only how many years the company has existed, but also how many years the legal entity with which you enter into commercial relations has existed. Why? Because the registration of a new legal entity is never done on an equal footing in the middle of a happy life. If the company has existed for five years, and the legal entity has only been around for a year or even six months, then this should already alarm you. The reasons for creating a new limited liability company or limited liability company can be very diverse, including, by the way, quite valid. However, it is interesting that they will give you an answer.

And experience, the son of difficult mistakes…

Find out exactly what this company built and in what quantity. Do not be too lazy not only to look at her house in photos, but also to see them in reality. Sometimes the best samples are found from someone else’s portfolio. Ask to be taken (showed) to the objects under construction and the finished objects selected by you from the provided portfolio. By the way, reputable companies will offer you such a service without waiting for your request. In other companies, they will do it reluctantly, or they will give you the opportunity to make a tour on your own, giving the coordinates of several objects that are far from each other. Don’t get lost looking for recipients. If possible, try to talk to those people who live in houses built by the company. Are they satisfied? And in general, were the houses built by this company?

The coordinates of the golden mean: above the average, but below the inflated

Unfortunately, for many people, the cost of construction is still the deciding factor when choosing a company. However, low prices should alarm you rather than please you. Behind such promises hides a trick or even a deception. After all, no construction organization will work at a loss. One of the ways to reduce the price of construction services is to use cheap labor – with all the consequences that follow. In this regard, be sure to find out about construction crews, that is, about those people who, in fact, will build your house with their own hands. Materials can also be of very different quality and significantly – several times – differ in price. But how to distinguish good materials from bad, if they are still only included in the estimate? No way – if you are a person of another profession. Then what to do? Focus on companies that inspire confidence – professional and honest. It is not so difficult to recognize them. And, as a rule, they work in the “above average, but below overpriced” price range. By the way, they can explain to you on their fingers how real tiles differ from metal ones.

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