Tips For Getting The Biggest Clouds With Vape

Enjoying enormous clouds and stretching your vape’s muscles is one of the most pleasurable aspects of using a vape device. Many vapers like making the clouds possible, whether to do stunts with the vapour, compete, or enjoy basking in gigantic clouds. However, not every vape device is capable of this, and if you’re interested in “cloud-chasing,” you’ll need to locate a device that can vape huge clouds. The marbo contains high quality with affordable prices and is more enjoyable.

Increasing your power settings for optimum cloud coverage

The simple takeaway here is that electricity results in clouds. You use the same tank, and e-juice vaping at 60 W produces significantly larger clouds than smoking at 30 W. When you increase the amount of power running through the coil (in your tank), you increase the amount of heat created, which is why you need more airflow. Some individuals prefer hotter vapour than others, but the majority will want to balance that heat with some more air.

Boost your airflow

Airflow is critical in vaping, especially if you want to boost your vapour output. To begin, increasing the strength of your vape through higher wattages or lower ohm coils raises the temperature of the vapour, which may become too hot to vape comfortably. Increasing the airflow lets more fresh air enter and cools the smoke. It also increases the size of the produced cloud. More air will be able to pass over your coils if you develop the flow of air on your atomizer.

Use a mod with a power output greater than 40 watts

You’ll need a lot of headroom for power while sub-ohming. You won’t use it all, but having an extra 10 watts or two may make a difference in your vapour volume.


Exhaling into the vape before inhaling is used for cloud chasing and vaping tricks. It drives air into the coils, priming them to create clouds. Before utilising the marbo approach, confirm the airflow openings are not aimed toward your eyes or face.

The Best E-Liquid for Cloud Chasing Is

The e-liquid you use will impact the size and density of your clouds. We know that e-liquid has two main components: VG and PG. Because these two components serve purposes, the bulk of e-juice gets a combination of the two. The vapour provided by VG, while the throat hit and taste provided by PG. If you want to improve vapour production and create clouds, opt for an e-liquid with a high VG content. If you’re a seasoned vaper, you know that producing large clouds takes effort and practice.

Technique for Inhaling and Exhaling

All the technology and fine-tuning in the world won’t help you chase clouds if you’re not correctly breathing and expelling the vapour. The first step is to forsake the “mouth-to-lung” inhalation technique by many vapers and smokers. This breathing technique helps the smoke to evaporate in your mouth before reaching your lungs. It’s a gradual and gentle manner of sucking in smoke, resulting in unimpressive clouds.

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