What are the spices which Pakistanis Love in their dishes?

The best Pakistani food is made with the right mix of spices. Spices are an essential part of any dish. Leaving one spice out of your meal might make it taste a little different. You might not notice at all. In some cases, the difference is even more apparent. Check to see if you have these spices on hand if you want to make Pakistani food. There is a chance that the pituitary and hypothalamus could make endorphins, making spicy food make you feel better. Endorphins are a hormone that makes you feel happy right away. We enjoy spicy food in the same way that salty or sweet food.


Chaat Masala

When this spice blend smells, some people may not like it. But don’t be fooled. Chaat masala adds a sour and sweet taste to many Pakistani dishes.


In second place is Cardamon, which is a plant (Elaichi)

Spice cardamom is used a lot in Pakistani cooking. Other than brown and green, there is also Badi Elaichi or brown cardamom that you can buy. If you want to make curry or biryani, you need Badi Elaichi, which is often used in those dishes. Garam masala can also be made from the seeds inside. When it comes to desserts and most Indian curries, the ChotiElaichi is what most people use.

It would help if you looked for cardamom seeds with a dark brownish-black color because they are better. Seeds from these plants have a smell and feel that aren’t very pleasant.


Cardamon can be ground up and sold, or it can be sold as a whole thing, too. If you need to use whole cardamom seeds in a recipe, open the pods a little. It has a solid and unique taste and a pungent smell.


White clothes (Laung)

A clove might look like a flower at first. Because the buds of dried clove tree blooms make cloves taste good.

You can tell that cloves have a robust and unique taste because they are often dark brown or black. In some recipes, you can use them whole or ground. Cloves can be too strong if you use a lot of them.


Salt that is dark in color: (Kala Namak)

This color isn’t as dark as the name suggests. It’s more purple or pinking-gray than black. Black salt has a strong smell because it is mined in Pakistan and India. People also use black salt to treat heartburn and indigestion and in recipes that are both sweet and salty.


Carom (Ajwain)

Carom seeds (or ajwain seeds) look like cumin seeds, but they are smaller and lighter brown. The smell and taste of ajwain seeds are similar to thyme. If you don’t like spicy food, you can boil them in water to help your stomach feel better.



Pakistani food is known for having a lot of aromas and flavors. A lot of the time, it’s because of how well different spices work together to make food taste good. They come in many different forms, but we’ve only talked about five of the most common.


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