Why is Sachin Tendulkar the best cricketer of all time?

Sachin was the youngest to start and the oldest to stop. He is our favorite for no other reason.The two can’t be compared because they both played at different ages. When people are asked who the best player is, we often pick one because he is our favorite or from our country.

Sachin Tendulkar:The Name goes big

  • In India, you either love him or don’t like him. There isn’t a middle way. For some people, he is the Cricketing God in real life. Because he plays in the World Cups, he’s seen as a Human with Clay Feet by other people. When he breaks a record, one camp goes over the top and tells us that he is God, God, and God. His place on the team is questioned when he has a bad stretch. The other camp thinks he should quit and go home.
  • Sachin came into the Indian team when the team had a few good batsmen. The Indian team was not thought of as the most potent team, even though they had won a World Cup.Sachin made his first appearance in international cricket when he was just 16 years old. Can you imagine a 16-year-old playing against fast bowlers like Waqar and Wasim?One of the bowlers feared the most was Sachin. The other bowlers feared Lara and Sachin.
  • Sachin was the youngest to start and the oldest to stop. Suppose you ask me to compare Sachin to Ponting, Lara, Dravid, Kallis, and Sangakkara. In that case, we will only compare Sachin to Lara because Lara is the best batsman and the most stylish batsman cricket has ever seen. Sachin is no less of a player because he was the first to score 200 in an ODI and the first to score 100 hundred in international cricket.
  • Sachin Tendulkar also has the most runs in ODIs and Tests, which tells us how important and influential he is in international cricket.Then, compare Sachin Tendulkar with Bradman, Viv Richards, and Sunil Gavaskar from the past.
  • Most of the bowlers didn’t want to bowl to Richards at that time because he could hit long sixes. Marshall, Garner, Holding, and Andy Roberts were on his team, so Viv didn’t have to face them. But Viv was part of a team that was the dominant force. A world record: Sunil Gavaskar played against the most destructive bowlers in history and scored 34 hundred, a record for a single player. That’s not how ODI worked for him. SoSachin stands out even in this place.
  • If you think Sachin Tendulkar is a God of cricket, here are some quotes that will show you that he is.
  • The helmet hides many things we don’t know about, and inside the skull, there’s something we can’t measure.” You and even the people who play with him can’t imagine what he can do. When he goes to bat, people turn on their TVs and turn off their lives. The train from Shimla to Delhi made a stop at one of the stops. The train came by for a few minutes, as it always does. Sachin was close to a century, batting on 98. Everyone on the train was waiting for Sachin to reach the century mark. This Genius can stop time in India. Peter Roebuck, a journalist in Australia.

He is a great player because we have been able to watch a lot of his games from the stands. You can see how long he’s been in the game by looking at his stats and records.

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