Why should you advertise any news or need through TV channels ?

TV ads can help people become more aware of a brand and respond to it. You can get more customers and improve your relationship with the ones you already have. This is good for both sales and response rates. Advertising may or may not be able to achieve all three of these primary goals simultaneously.

What Makes TV Commercials Different?

Because of this, what makes TV different from the rest? In my opinion, the best advertising messages are shown through video, which is a mix of images and sound. Then, there’s a big bang. Only a 30-second TV ad can reach a lot of people. No one in the UK could watch a 30-second film on Google or Facebook and get 8 million views.


There is a good chance that some of you will wonder how much that cost? That’s not true at all. Even if you spend a lot of money on TV ads, there are many more cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. Check out our post to learn more about how much TV ads cost!

TV ads can help your business in many ways.

Its main selling point is that it is cheap. A TV ad costs less than a tenth of a cent (0.5p). The average digital video costs about two cents each time it’s watched.

TV is cheaper to make because it has a lot of people who watch it every day, week, and month. Supply and demand determine how much TV ads cost on a particular channel or in a specific area (the total number of people watching TV on that channel or location).

The cost of a product is based on how much of it there is and how much people want it.

Advertising costs go down as more people watch TV, but they go up as more people stop watching TV. It costs more to buy things when there is a lot of demand, like the weeks before Christmas. During the summer, when there is less demand and COVID makes prices fall, prices drop.

What COVID does to your body

If you want to save money, you don’t need to make significant changes to your TV bill because of COVID. Because there is less demand, prices have dropped by 50% each year (YOY).


It could save marketers money in the long run because they can run more ads for less money.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to TV ads!

It’s also great to pick and choose what you want! An advertiser might be able to target their message to a particular group of people based on the TV station they choose. You can watch more than 150 channels on SKY Media, including local channels like ITV1 and digital channels like Channel 4.

If you want to advertise on Sky TV, you can pay as little as £3 for a 30-second slot. There are so many channels to choose from, and many of them don’t have a lot of people watching them. As many as 8 million people could see a single commercial on ITV’s Coronation Street, which costs a lot of money.

You can use ITV1 for advertising only in the northeast of England, only in London, or a mix of the three.

Tracking TV ads is now possible!

Thus, TV is the best way to track reactions because of how well TV ads work and how wide an audience can be reached through TV ads.

‘ Adverts that are visible during the day are likely to respond from people who see them right away. It costs a lot to run an ad, so add the number of people who responded to get the price for each person who did (CPR).

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